Curator's Corner

Welcome to the Curator's Corner where a passage of text, or finely crafted object is selected from the archives that we believe merits a closer look. Often some works are found to be in need of repair. Occasionally this space will be given over to an intimate "behind the scenes" look at a conservation treatment of one of the objects from the collection.

The origin of  : The Homage to the Cutty Sark  is still unclear to the editors at this time. Apparently a  member of the family had something to do with the accidental fire which severely damaged the actual ship while it was undergoing restoration in London in 2007. Just what the circumstances surrounding the fire were and who exactly was involved remains a mystery. Additionally, who made the ship in a bottle? ... an anonymous prank by a stranger, a victory trophy by a relative with a dark sense of humor...neither Dalton nor Torrent would comment.

The family have agreed in theory to allow us to make a small edition based on the original. Further news will be forth coming (we hope) on this curious artifact.