A Glimpse of Chadwick Manor

While Chadwick Manor itself remains closed to the public, we have assembled here a collection of images of some of the chambers in the manor Blachly and I have been allowed to visit.

Because the Chadwicks have (except in rare instances) barred our own photography at the manor, we have had to snap these photographs on the sly, often as we run errands from one wing to another.

We understand our act of posting these photographs less as undermining their desires, per se, than as enabling those desires on a different, more significant plane--since without releasing any information to the public the Chadwicks simply cannot generate the essential income derived from exhibiting their collections.

However dependent on this income, the Chadwicks might not agree with our decision.

Luckily, the family remains hostile to all modes of digital
technology--and to blogs above all.

But we are not sure how long this condition can last. So we would appreciate it if these photographs were kept in that special kind of confidentiality available to "sensitive" images posted on the worldwide web.