Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chadwick's Illustrated History

Chadwick's Illustrated History has been a standard work for generations. The present hand-colored print edition includes three highlights from among the thousands of vivid archival drawings and prints reproduced in the history. These have been mounted in a handmade commemorative burgundy folio complete with the family seal and this explanatory text.

Though the Chadwicks hardly need an introduction, still the family is not as well known now as it was from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries, when its prominent trans-Atlantic role in colonial and early national affairs brought family members constantly before the public eye. As eminent connoisseurs, sea captains, naval engineers and amateur historians, the Chadwicks amassed one of the great collections of nautical figurines, genre paintings and difficult-to-attribute manuscripts in Western culture. Held privately at the family estates for several centuries, this material is now finding its way before the long-curious public. This is a process overseen by the conservator J. Blachly and the literary historian Lytle Shaw, editors of the Chadwick Family Archive.

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